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Flat Passion's

Flatcoated Retrievers, our passion!
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Flat Passions Flatcoated Retriever Kennel

Flat Passion’s Flat Coated Retrievers kennel

We are Nancy & Stefaan and together with our 3 sons Kjell, Jens & Niels, we can not image to live withoud dogs.
Discover our love and passion for our Flat Coated Retrievers Jimbei, Lieke, Leeki, Nykka, Padi, Quilan, Sykes & Tibby who work, do shows and have lots of Flatcoat “Fun” !

In  Memory of

Saying good bye is always so difficult and really hurts…. but… the pain you feel when a young, sweet and very promising friend leaves you suddenly from your life and family can not be described by any word or feeling … for ever in our hearts >