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In Memoriam


Happy at Flat Passion’s De La Source Aux Elfes (Lieke)

14/08/12 – †02/02/23

Lieve Lieke, Liekepiekedief, ook wel onze Houdini, je was een heel opgewekte & actieve meid en tot het einde een echte wervelwind.
Je was een heel passievolle dame, onze roedelleider en dat maakte je ook duidelijk.
Niemand kon vermoeden dat een hartaderbreuk je fataal zou worden en we zo plots zonder voorafgaand sein voor altijd afscheid zouden moeten nemen.
We zijn dankbaar dat je voor meer dan 10 jaar deel mocht uitmaken van ons gezin en je schonk ons 3 prachtige nestjes.

Lieve Lieke, je hebt voor altijd een plaats in ons ♥️ 

 R.I.P Lieke 


Multi Ch. CHTRANG CHTRFR Mandaral First Edition (Jimbei)

11/05/07 – †24/08/22

Lieve Jimbei, lieve Jimmeke, onze lieve zachte knuffelaar, onze passievolle, temperamentvolle werker, papa’s trouwe vriend op veldwedstrijden en picking up.
Meer dan 12 mooie jaren mochten we van jouw gezelschap genieten, maar… maar afscheid nemen is altijd te vroeg…
Absoluut niets deed vermoeden dat je op 24 augustus afscheid zou nemen van ons.
Tot ‘s avonds nog heel alert en opgewekt en plots maakte een beroerte eind aan je leven.
Vol ongeloof, vol verdriet maar o zo dankbaar voor de mooie jaren samen…
Lieve Jimmeke was een super flatje in alle opzichten en je laat een immense leegte achter.

Je hebt voor altijd een plaats in ons ♥️ 

 R.I.P Jimbei


Multi Ch. Gigolo van de Demerbron (Gigo)

21/04/07 – †16/09/19

Dear Gigo, dear Gigegi, our “kisses king”, our “Once in a lifetime dog” is no more …
We had the pleasure of enjoying your company for more than 12 beautiful years, but … but saying goodbye is always too early …
For several months now you had problems  breathing. The diagnosis was (laryngeal paralysis).
With medication we could make it a bit more pleasant for you, but unfortunately we could no longer help you that fatal night that you almost choked … We had to take a very hard decision and let you go…
Thank you for the beautiful years, thanks to you we made many friends all over the world
Dear Gigo, thank you for being the best friend we ever dared to dream of.
we miss you so much, the emptiness you leave behind is immense … You have a place in us forever ♥ ️
 R.I.P Gigo


Multi Ch. Incognito van het Bevershof (Iggy)

20/06/09 – †11/10/18

So unjust, so sad …
Barely a few months after Pojke’s sudden loss, we have to say goodbye again …
And again very suddenly and completely unexpectedly a very sweet and loyal friend of ours passed away.
Since you had no appetite in the evening and your temperature was raised, we made an appointment with the vet … 
Nobody expected us to take you back home with a cancer diagnosis …
Just weeks after the terrible diagnosis, goodbye was near …
Dear Iggy, we will never forget you, you will be etched in our ♥ ️ forever
R.I.P Iggy


BEJCh Exclusive Pojke Od Hradu Valdek (Pojke)

08/04/16 – †04/03/18

Saying goodbye is always difficult and always hurts a lot …, but … the impotence, pain and defeat you feel as a young sweet and also very promising friend is very suddenly torn away (by a stomach tilt) from your life and your family cannot be described with words or feeling …
Dear Pojke, we will never forget you, you will stay in our ♥ ️ forever
R.I.P Pojke


Multi Vet Ch Eltjo of the Black Nature (Tjoke)

08/10/05 – †30/07/15

saying goodbye … so difficult … why ……. so unreal …, so suddenly …, so totally unexpected …, nothing but nothing that could make us suspect this .. 
The day before he was the eternal enthusiastic boy, that morning we were still entitled to an enthusiastic greeting and he ate his breakfust full of flavor and then … a few hours later we were left with immens grief for our great friend, our buddy, Gigo’s best buddy … for almost 10 years he was our loyal friend, support and anchor, the emptiness he leaves behind is therefore very great.
Stefaan, myself and our sons Kjell, Jens and Niels are very sad that we had to say goodbye to Tjoke completely unexpectedly
R.I.P Tjoke


Embo van Cara’s Bernerhof (Boke)

°12/04/05 – †29/03/13

Dear Boke, you were a super sweet teddy bear who could fetch like the best, but what else if you live between a pack of Flatcoated Retriever.
For 2 years you fought against that rotten disease called cancer when we had to let you go on March 29, 2013. The disease had so gripped you then that we had to make a very difficult decision to put you to sleep …
We miss you Boke, and we not only miss you also your flatcoat friends.

Akke & Triska


°12/09/1997 – †22/08/2006

You were our very first puppy that we brought home. we didn’t know how to properly raise a dog, but with you everything went smoothly. You were a very sweet girl, our Trezemieke, as we often called you.
You loved your family and “the kids”. Although you wouldn’t hurt a fly, you could bark warning if strangers got a little too close to “the kids”. After all, you would always stand up for them and go through a fire.
A trip was not complete until everyone was there. You werethe last to jump in the car until you were sure no one had forgotten. You loved going with us, especially to the sea, to our caravan.
You also understood when anyone of us was sad or hurt. Our dear girl always came to bring the necessary comfort.
In recent years it has been a bit more difficult, you could not get along very well (legs). But with some adapted medication and taking into account what you could handle, we still involved you as much as possible in all our activities.
But last year during our holiday by the sea it suddenly went wrong.
You underwent 3 operations in a span of 14 days. When a 4th operation came to the fore, you apparently decided that it was enough, that you had fought enough. Your kidneys blocked and then we knew you had lost the battle.
We had to put you to sleep with a lot of sadness and pain in our hearts. Our dearest girl was gone. The grief of us and certainly also of “your children” Kjell, Jens and Niels was enormous. Embo and Eltjo were also looking for you the first days and missed your presence.
You are doing well dear girl, wherever you are, we still think about you a lot!

Akke van ‘t Maroyke 

°14/04/01 – †05/03/05

Dear Akke,
You were always a special boy. In fact, you haven’t had such a good start. You were only 6 months old and you got meningitis. This was the beginning of 18 months of relapses, a lot of pain, a high fever, taking a lot of cortisone, several examinations in the veterinary clinic, …
When you were finally 2 years old, you were cured, but the disease had left its mark on your character. You were nice to us and the children, but you were not so fond of strangers. We therefore always had to be on our guard and take the necessary precautions. It was not always easy, but we gladly took that in, because to us you were a sweetheart.
You were also very careful with the children and you could play well and Triska was your best buddy.
You also did your best during the obedience lessons and you were very well under appeal to the Stefaan. You got your obedience certificate with 96/100, an excellent result.
Your first matches the results weren’t that great, but when you started to perform better and you wanted to go all out together with Stefaan in 2005, disaster struck.
Friday evening, March 5, 2005, a real winter day with a layer of snow, you suddenly got a stomach tilt! We did not understand. We always made sure that there was no playing or walking with a full stomach and then something like that happened.
You were operated on in haste and the operation was successful. When we were allowed to see you around 1 o’clock on Saturday morning after the operation, we thought you would be fine, after all, you had already overcome so much.
But, Saturday morning at 5 am, you still went into shock and we lost you anyway.
So suddenly, we were not able to say goodbye to you. On Friday you were still alive and just a few hours later you were gone …
Dear Akke, our grief was very intense and your best buddy Triska also missed you.
Dear Akke and Triska,
We still often think of you and the large, beautiful pictures in the living room keep the many and beautiful memories of you alive.