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Almanza Bellini

import Sweden

Our Leeki has been spayed on 02/26/2014 and will unfortunately never be able to give us a litter …
But just like all our other dogs we love her VERY much and can not miss her anymore.
Leeki is a sweetheart, a very cheerful, enthusiastic girl with a lot of passion to work who gives us lots of love and joy.
With her ever-wobbling tail and her waterfall of kisses, she immediately conquers everyone’s heart.
We are therefore very happy that she is part of our family.
She has already conquered our hearts forever.
Leeki has a lot of passion to work. She loves to go hunting and is one of Stefaan’s regular picking up dogs.
We hope that our “princess of kisses” will be part of our “Flat Passion’s” family for many years to come.
Thank you Ragnhild for having entrusted Leeki to us



Hunting & obedience