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Ch. FTA David Beckham Ola de Oro

import  Ukraine

Absolutely not planned…, but you cought our eye, ….we fell in love… and… we decided to follow our hearts….and now, we are soooo happy you are a part of our life and Flat Passion’s Family dear Quilan.
Not even 3 years, and Quilan is already in the possession of several Beauty Champion titles.
He also has a lot of passion to work, we are really looking forward to see what future will bring us.

thank you so much Evgenika Gunko & Nataliia Milinkovska for this sweet boy



Color: black
Hips HD :
Ellbows ED : 0/0
Schoulders SD : 0/0
Patella : 0/0
Eyes : free
gonio: moderate
DNA: BBEE (black, does not carry yellow)
Official genetic identification by DNA-code
Licence Conform to breeding standard obtained (admission Losh breeding)

chilled and frozen semen can be sent

Hunting & obedience

  • Quilan is Stefaan best friend on picking-up
  • FTA (Field Trial Awarded)
  • Very Good on Field Trial (Française)
  • Sélectif B (Epreuve B) succeeded (admission to Field Trials)
  • Test Social Behaviour kennel Club St Hubertus succeeded
  • TAN succeeded


  • FTA (Field Trial Awarded)
  • Swiss Beauty Champion ’22
  • Swiss RCS Beauty Champion ‘
  • International Beauty Champion ’21 (CIB) 
  • French National Champion ’19
  • Luxembourgian Beauty Champion ’19
  • Swiss Show Champion ’19
  • Hopkoning ’19
  • Crufts 2019: Yearling class 5e place VHC
  • Dutch Junior Champion ’19
  • Belgian Junior Champion ’18
  • French Junior Champion ’18
  • Swiss Junior Champion ’18
  • Alpen Junior Winner ’18
  • West-Vlaams junior winner ’18
  • BOB, BOS & BOB Junior BOG2, BOG3