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Ch. Meister JP Diamond Passion Cut

Import Japan

Thank you Daisuke & Tomoko for entrusting Padi to us.
This very dark liver boy is such a lovely dog.
He is very enthusiastic, learns very quickly, is very sweet and with his ever wobbling tail and waterfall of kisses, he immediately won our hearts.
Padi is a real “dual purpose” Flatcoated Retriever.
He is not only a handsome boy, but also on the fields he has shown us a many lovely things.
At the age of 4 years he can call him multi beauty champion but he also earned the working titles “Trialer” (FR) & “Champion of Work” (Field Trial Française)
A lovely palmares for such a young boy.
We are really looking forward to what the future will bring us



Hips HD : B
Ellbows ED : 0/0
Schoulders SD : 0/0
Patella : 0/0 (free)
Eyes (ECVO): free
Gonio: free

DNA: bbEe (liver, carries yellow)
Official Genetic identification by DNA-code  
Admission LOSH breeding Belgian Kennelclub ST Hubertus

chilled and frozen semen can be sent

Hunting & obedience

  • Field Trial Champion (Franç) ’19 (CHTRFR’19)
  • Padi goes on picking-up during hunting season
  • CACT (franç) 10’19
  • CACT (franç) Field Trial St Pierre des Ifs 20/01/’19
  • CACT (franç) Field Trial St Benoît En Woevre 13/10/’18
  • Field Trial Winner (FTW)
  • Club Winner obedience (B klasse) at the Club Championship of Will To Please
  • Field Trialer à la Française (TRFR’18)
  • BICP III (Brevet Internationale de Chasse Pratique) succeeded in eptember ’17 (26/32)
  • Field Trial Awarded (FTA) Excellent
  • Sélectif B succeeded
  • TAN succeeded
  • Selectif A succeeded
  • test social behaviour succeeded


  • Field Trial Champion Française (CHTRFR)
  • Luxembourgian Beauty Champion ’19
  • Belgian Beauty Champion ’19
  • Belgian Show Champion ’19
  • Dutch Champion ’19
  • Swiss Show Champion ’19
  • Swiss Beauty Champion ’19
  • German VDH Champion ’19
  • French National Champion ’18
  • International Beauty Champion ’18 (CIB)
  • International Show Champion ’18 (CIE)
  • Golden Winner ’18
  • Field Trialer à la Française ’17
  • FTW (Field Trial Winner)
  • French Junior Champion ’17
  • Dutch Junior Champion ’17
  • Belgian Junior Champion ’17
  • Crufts qualifiied for life
  • several BOB junior & BOB
  • Best in show Minor Puppy
  • Several Group wins,  Best in Show Gundogs & 2nd BIS Gundog
  • Best of Breed Minor Puppy on European Dogshow 2016